Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers:
A Heart for the Hurting
We all go through tough times in life. Times that are turbulent and unsettling. In the midst of these challenging seasons, it can be extremely helpful to have someone come alongside us to give understanding and encouragement — to provide stability, hope, and biblical principles to help us through the storm.
That is what a Stephen Minister is able to provide: a listening ear, a supportive perspective, and God’s Word to help us through the challenges of life.
 Who are Stephen Ministers?
At Trinity United Methodist Church, we have compassionate individuals who are trained to help us when we encounter loss, grief, relationship challenges, and a myriad of things that can throw our lives into a tailspin. These Stephen Ministers are not counselors. They are not “know-it-alls.” They are not individuals who try to fix everyone’s troubles. They simply provide love, care, and support when we need it most. A Stephen Minister is a caring individual who can help s navigate our present situation.
Perhaps you, a friend, or a family member would benefit from this kind of help and support. If so, a Stephen Minister may be just what is needed. 
 Becoming a Stephen Minister
For those who want to come alongside and support others in a more intentional way, we provide training to become a Stephen Minister. Through the 50 hours of training, you will receive practical, hands-on learning and resources to provide Christ-centered care and meet the emotional and spiritual needs of others.
You will use the skills you learn not only in your caring ministry but also in your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. You will always be helped and supported in your ministry by our team of Stephen Leaders, who will help you grow as you help others. Being a Stephen Minister may be one of the most rewarding opportunities you will ever embrace.
 To find out more
To learn how a Stephen Minister can help you or someone you know — or how you can become a Stephen Minister – contact the church office.
We all need help from time to time, and your request for a Stephen Minister will be confidential.