Recovering our Servanthood

One of the worst things the secular world has brought to the church is consumerism. Church members have bought into the concept of consumerism. They don’t see themselves as servants, but as customers to be waited upon. Complaints about the church are frequently followed with the expression: “I do pay my money.” That is consumerism. It is a way of saying: I am the one who is to be served.

When a church buys into consumerism, they go about meeting the defined needs of the customers, rather than meeting God’s need for a redeemed world. Too often people treat church membership as though they are selecting a supermarket rather than a relationship. The call of Christ is not for consumers; it is for disciples. If we treat church members as consumers, then at what point do they quit becoming customers and start becoming missionaries. To make matters worse too many churches attempt to market themselves and in the process of developing a market strategy the subtle message is released: discipleship and missions are optional. Friends, they are not optional. The call of Christ is: You must lose your life in order to save your life. We dare not fall down before the idol of institutional success. When consumerism gets into the church, more time is spent on membership and expenditures than God’s dream of the Good News proclaimed, justice administered, and inclusiveness and healing accomplished. Discipleship cannot be seen as a church option, alongside volleyball and jazzercise. Likewise, worship cannot be viewed as a weekly variety show, but an opportunity for us to get in touch with the Transcendent God. And yes, clergy are guilty as well. Too much time is spent encouraging people to think positive about their sin. Our Pastor and Church leaders are preparing to move us towards reclaiming the Church God wants Trinity to be. You will be hearing more from our Leaders and in Church Sermons very soon. Get on board! Great things are going to be happening at Trinity.