Faith Is the Rare Courage

J. Howard Olds, a great pastor and preacher, writes this about faith:
Faith is the rare courage to act on that which you cannot yet prove to be true.
Faith is leaving a fresh grave with enough hope to carry on.
Faith is writing a song of thanksgiving when the rent is due.
Faith is accepting forgiveness when it seems nothing more than a distant dream.
Faith is proclaiming peace while you still feel the turmoil inside.
Faith is letting your hair down enough to receive the mercy of God.
As your pastor, I would like to challenge us here at Trinity to be people of faith.
Through faith, we will pray together and support one another. 
We will have faith in our leaders and staff and uphold them to move Trinity forward. 
We will have faith to invite someone to our Church and see them become disciples.
Through faith we will attend and give each Sunday.
With faith we will listen to His message and seek to abide in God’s Word.
We will have faith that Trinity will grow in spirit and in membership.
With faith, we will become the source of hope, help and home to those looking for a faith community.
With faith, we will offer grace, peace, and hope to a world that so desperately needs God’s grace. 
With faith, we will offer salvation given through Jesus Christ.
Living in faith, the Holy Spirit will move in us and through us as we reach out and touch lives in our community.
I have faith that I will see you in Church this Sunday,
Your Pastor,